the Kickin' Tickin' Mud Client for Windows

Welcome to the new home of Wintin on the web.

Wintin 95 and Wintin.Net are Mud clients that support the popular Tintin++ scripting language. They are fully-fledged Windows apps, rather than command-line clients. They are not under active development and are not supported, but both will run under Windows (including Windows 10) and are available for download here as I know that people still use them.

Wintin 95

Wintin 95 is a port of Tintin++ to Windows. Click on the ‘Download’ link to the left download it. Save it in the folder you want to run Wintin from: preferably an empty folder. When the file has downloaded, double-click on it to install Wintin. Then double-click on Wintin95.exe to run it. You can find some support and information on the archived website available from the Wayback Machine - click on the Website Archive link.


Wintin.Net has a ground-up re-implementation of the Tintin++ script language, with some extensions. It’s also possible to write script in .Net-based languages such as VB.Net and c#. Wintin.Net uses the putty terminal client code and has pretty complete ANSI terminal support.

To install, first download the .Net framework v1.1. To install it, open the folder in which it downloaded, right-click and select ‘Run as Administrator’. (use the link to the left to download it). Microsoft designed the .Net framework so that different versions can be installed side-by-side on your computer: installing this version will not interfere with any later ones that might have been installed. Next download Wintin.Net, unzip it and run Setup.exe. Again, you can find some additional info in the Wayback Machine’s archive by clicking on the Website Archive link.

It’s possible to write addins for Wintin.Net that will support additional commands. The #system addin (which is available for download) adds the #system command, which runs a DOS command from Wintin’s command line. Documentation on writing addins is available, along with a sample prototype in VB.Net.

Be safe!