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Welcome to Wintin.Net ... And Wintin 95

Wintin.Net is a client for text-based muds. It looks after the basic communication with your mud as you would expect, but also includes a range of features to make your mudding experience easier and more enjoyable. It's the ultimate tool for a sophisticated player, but simple enough for a novice.

Wintin 95, an earlier version of Wintin, is also available here. While Wintin.Net has many more features, Wintin 95 is simple to install and use, making it particularly useful on walk-up computers.

Both Wintin.Net and Wintin 95 are free. They are open source software, published under the Gnu General Public Licence. The source code is downloadable from this site, and is available to you to review or change as you wish.

Check Out These Great Features

Communicate with any Mud as a first-class citizen

Wintin.Net is fast and responsive. It implements all the terminal display standards you will need for good communication with your mud. It works with firewall proxies, supports Mud Extension Protocol (MXP) and Mud Client Compression Protocol (MCCP). With the built-in chat client, you can communicate peer-to-peer with other Wintin, Zmud and MudMaster users.

Respond quickly to events on your Mud

With Wintin.Net's scripts you can set up aliases and function keys to send commands quickly. You can also write scripts to respond to events automatically. Wintin.Net's script language implements all the Tintin++ commands, and introduces many new ones. More...

Use multiple windows to display information clearly and effectively

In Wintin.Net's windows you can display filtered and highlighted information from your Mud, as well as other information from the Web (maybe maps or stats for your game), and any information generated by scripts. Windows can either 'float', or tiled and tabbed using Wintin.Net's flexible Docking Manager. Screenshots...

Organise your Muds and Characters

Wintin.Net's Address Book lets you keep track of the games and characters you play. You can keep notes against each character, and you can configure Wintin.Net to log you in automatically when you select a particular game or character. You can specify a different set of scripts and a different window configuration for each character or mud.

Customise to meet your needs

If you're a programmer, you can add features to Wintin.Net by writing an Addin - Addins can be written in any .Net language and the whole functionality of the Wintin.Net code is available to them. Also, as the Wintin.Net source code is published, if there's something you don't like about it, you can change it!

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