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Download Wintin.Net
Please remove any existing version of Wintin.Net before upgrading via Control Panel Add/Remove Programs.

Install Microsoft .Net v1.1 first. This is required, even if a later version is installed already (different versions of .Net run independently and can be installed at the same time). We have provided the download here for convenience, but you can find it on the Microsoft website instead if you prefer.

Install Wintin.Net From The Web

Once the .Net Framework v1.1 is installed, just click on the link above, and when the download starts, answer 'Open', 'Yes' or 'Run' in the dialog boxes until installation starts.

Download Wintin.Net as a .Zip file

If you prefer, or have trouble with the web based installation, you can download the zip file. Extract the contents to an empty folder, and double click on Setup.Exe.

Download Wintin.Net Source Code

The Magic Library is required to build the Source Code. The version referenced here has some small fixes required for Wintin.Net.

Wintin.Net Addins

#System Addin

This addin provides the #system command, which lets you execute DOS commands from within Wintin.Net. It is provided with source code.

Addin Documentation

This document explains how to write your own addins.

VB Sample Addin

Sample addin written in VB (use in conjunction with above documentation).

Wintin 95
Wintin now comes in a self-extracting file. Click on the 'Download' link below to download it. Save it in the folder you want to run Wintin from: preferably an empty folder.

When the file has downloaded, click on it to install Wintin. Then click on Wintin95.exe to run it.

Download Wintin 95

Wintin95 Help File

Download Wintin 95 Source Code
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